When remodeling a kitchen what comes first floors or cabinets?

Should You Install New Flooring Before Cabinets in Your Kitchen Remodel?

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when remodeling your kitchen is what order to do things in. Should you put down new flooring before installing cabinets? The answer may surprise you! Keep reading to find out why the best option for most hardwood floors is to install the floors first, followed by the cabinets.

3 Reasons to Install Floors First: 

  1. It is easier to get everything to standard heights when professionals do it this way.
  1. Furthermore, it is a safer installation process for your cabinets because they will not be damaged while the floors are being installed.
  1. So, if you’re not sure what to do first in your kitchen remodel, lay down those new floors. Your cabinets will appreciate it later.

Now that you know more about the benefits of installing floors before cabinets, you can make an informed decision about your own kitchen remodel. If you have any questions or need help getting started, our team of experts at Jones Flooring Company is always here to help! Give us a call today or stop by our showroom to get started on your dream kitchen.

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